Why I Won’t be Voting for Joe

As shown here, something’s not right with Joe Biden. He’s lost his marbles. He’s not playing with a full deck. He’s 5 Crayons short of a full box.

We’ve already got a mentally ill president. We don’t need to replace him with one who has dementia. It could be equally disastrous for the country.

Increasingly, it seems, the duopoly tells us to vote for the least-worst candidate. It’s not “vote for the best”; it’s “hold your nose and pick one”.

Like the Republican Party, the Democratic Party is corrupt. Hell, the DNC even said during a court hearing that they have the right to pick their candidate in a smoke-filled back room. Their pledge of impartiality? Fuhgeddaboudit.

In “the old days”, Democrats fought for the working class. They attacked monopolies, taxed fairly, promoted societal welfare and social justice.

Democrats gave us FDR and his “New Deal” which pulled the country and the working class out of the Great Depression. Later, Lyndon B. Johnson addressed inequality with his “Great Society” to help the impoverished and the working class.

In recent years Democrats have given us Republicans Lite like Bill Clinton, who loved prisons, cut welfare, cut Wall Street regulations, promoted offshoring manufacturing with NAFTA, denied LGBT equality and signed the “Defense of Marriage Act”, turned the Lincoln Bedroom into a campaign fundraiser. And that’s before we even delve into his sexual abuse allegations and impeachment.

Democrats also gave us the silver-tongued Barack Obama, who gave great speeches about “hope and change” but who was little more than a Wall Street flunky and a zealous proponent of killing via drone, including the extra-judicial killing of an American citizen. Obama also offered, of his own volition, to cut Medicare and Social Security. Obamacare is a joke (take a look at the bronze, silver, and gold co-pays and deductibles), written in closed rooms with insurance industry execs and lobbyists. Obama rose from “community organizer” to a guy giving $100,000 speeches to Wall Street and buying a $15 million mansion at Martha’s Vineyard.

The hypocrisy of Clinton and Obama epitomize what’s wrong with the Democratic Party. It’s no longer about the working class. It’s about hauling in money (just like Republicans).

In today’s political world, FDR and LBJ would be called “the radical left”, maybe even “socialists”. Clinton and Obama? They be the “Centrists”.

Personally, I am fed up with the Democratic Party.

I’m fed up with the barriers the duopoly has placed to getting on the ballot.

I’m fed up with the duopoly being funded (and controlled) by the rich and corporations.

I’m fed up with Democrats and Republicans (who jointly own “The Presidential Debates”) blocking access to the debates. The League of Women Voters used to run the debates but left, saying they didn’t want to be part of a perpetuation of fraud.

The only reason to vote for Biden is to replace Trump. The DNC figures that’s their ace in the hole–Trump is so bad they can replace him with a candidate exhibiting obvious mental deficiences. But there are other ways to remove Trump. Trump could be impeached again and if the Democrats can take enough seats in the Senate the outcome might be different.

I absolutely refuse to yield to the Democrats’ expectation that I’ll vote for an unqualified candidate.

We need viable third parties.

I”ll probably be voting for the Green Party’s Howie Hawkins (assuming he will be the Green candidate). You should listen to Howie speak. He sounds like true presidential material. He doesn’t lie, bully, or attack like Trump. He doesn’t trip over his words and mumble incoherently like Joe. He is a qualified candidate–something the DNC is not offering.

If the coronavirus pandemic keeps the Green Party off the ballot, I’ll probably not vote for president. I refuse to allow the corrupt DNC to tell me to hold my nose and vote for Joe. I may vote for Democrats running for other offices, but I’ll never vote for Joe for president.

Sen Dianne Feinstein, Who Defended Christine Blasey Ford, Calls Tara Reade’s Accusation Against Joe Biden ‘Ridiculous’

Rep. Dianne Feinstein on Thursday called Tara Reade’s sexual allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden “ridiculous” and said she does not believe her.

The California Democrat discussed Reade’s allegations before reporters, and said Reade’s are “totally different” from the sexual assault allegations Christine Blasey Ford made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Daily Callerhttps://dailycaller.com/2020/05/07/dianne-feinstein-tara-reade-christine-blasey-ford-kavanaugh-joe-biden/

Majority of Democrat Voters Under 30 Don’t Think Party Will Unite Behind Joe Biden

the majority of young Democratic voters under the age of 30 are unconvinced the party will unite to support presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, a new Pew Research Center poll shows.

The poll, published last week, surveyed registered Democrats during the second week of April and found 63 percent of respondents said they expected the party to support Biden in the general election. However, 59 percent of young voters between the ages of 18 and 29 were less certain Biden could bring the party together after a contentious primary election season.


Katie Porter Pushed to Help Oversee Covid-19 Bailout Fund, But Pelosi Picks Friend With Corporate Ties for the Job Instead

The House Speaker’s selection of Rep. Donna Shalala for the oversight role “makes a mockery” of the congressional committee, said one critic.

Rep. Katie Porter, a freshman California Democrat and consumer finance expert who quickly made a name for herself in Washington with viral grillings of corporate big-wigs, actively lobbied for a seat on the new congressional committee tasked with overseeing the Trump administration’s handling of a multi-trillion-dollar coronavirus bailout fund.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has instead decided to appoint her friend Rep. Donna Shalala (D-Fla.), a freshman with ties to corporations that will likely receive taxpayer bailout money, to fill the role—despite her reported lack of interest in the job.

Common Dreams

Dems Haul In a Bundle of Money from Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance lobbyists have collected nearly a quarter of a million dollars for the DCCC so far this cycle.

Democrats haul in too much money from the health lobbyists to support Medicare For All.

…the Democratic leadership in Congress, none of whom are among the 118 cosponsors of the Medicare for All Act, have embraced a different approach. The leaders are planning to include a measure in the next coronavirus package to expand subsidies for the COBRA health insurance program, allowing people who lose their jobs to keep the same insurance plan that their employer had made available to them. Under the plan, which was viewed by Vox, the federal government would pay the full cost of the premiums to private health insurance companies to keep laid-off people on their plans. 

The COBRA expansion would not provide coverage to people who become unemployed but were not receiving coverage through their employers. It would also not cover people’s deductibles. 


We Need to Reverse the Damage Trump Has Done in Latin America. Biden’s Plans Don’t Cut It.

When it comes to Latin America, Biden’s campaign platform is particularly uninspiring and, indeed, downright damaging.

Biden’s rubric of stratagems may not be as bitterly cruel as those of the Trump administration, but it still supports short-term American interests, overlooks serious human rights abuses, relies on militarized “security” responses to instability, and promotes an extractive neoliberal agenda.

Biden’s plan for Central America — one of 28 “bold ideas” featured on his campaign website — dressed up in left-tilting rhetoric for primary season, harkens back to the same, often failing and sometimes flailing, strategies he espoused as vice president and as a senator.

The Intercept

Will the Pandemic Keep Third Parties Off the 2020 Ballot?

The duopoly has imposed several hindering restrictions on third parties. One of them is signatures on petitions to be on the ballot. The numbers of signatures are generally large–the duopoly hopes large enough to keep some candidates off the ballot.

This year, those restrictions may work in conjunction with stay-at-home restrictions to prevent third parties from obtaining signatures (generally sought door-to-door or in public places like libraries).


Rich Politicians: They’re not Like You and Me

Congress is filled with a large number of multi-millionaires. Politicians arrive in DC driving an old, beat-up, pickup truck and retire leaving in a chauffeured Mercedes.

Here are some of the Democratic Party political multi-millionaires:

Sen. Mark Warner: $90.2 million
Sen. Richard Blumenthal: $70 million
Sen Dianne Feinstein: $58.5
Rep. Scot Peters: $32 million
Rep. Don Beyer: $31.2 million
Rep. Suzan DelBene: $28.4 million
Rep. Ro Khanna: $27 million
Rep. Joe Kennedy III: $18.7 million
Rep. Nancy Pelosi: $16 million
Rep. Brad Schneider: $14.9 million
Rep. Lloyd Doggett: $13.1 million
Rep. Nita Lowey: $10.9 million
Rep. Carolyn Maloney: $10.8 million
Rep. Bill Foster: $9.3 million

(14 Democrats listed. Not shown: 26 Republican multi-millionaire politicians)